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Kingdom Leadership Institute is an international training institute and matrix of satellite Kingdom Centers that supports a formal preparation and positioning process for kingdom leaders, allowing students to attain measurements of standing that qualify them for diploma degrees in Kingdom Leadership. Bachelor, Master, and Doctor of Kingdom Leadership. (B KL M KL D KL)


Dr Don Lynch began developing this model in 2001. He completed a second doctorate with Wagner Leadership Institute to test his model with international apostolic leaders. He began with FreedomMinistry International, the basic kingdom leadership discipling platform that moves transforms Christians into ministering leaders. He explored every available model of personal freedom that confronts limitations to maturity.

Kingdom Leadership Institute adds a formal platform to measure progress in kingdom leadership in a unique training process involving practical ministry. Though formal, students enjoy instruction, information, and impartation, with the added feature of spiritual fathering as a spiritual atmosphere provided by partnering Kingdom Centers throughout the world.

KLI provides the strongest foundation for personal purpose and preparation and positioning for a leader’s life’s work. The courses are taught by eldering leaders with expertise and experience, usually by those with exposure to international ministry.

KLI is an online, international school. The international mission base and Kingdom Center in Jacksonville, Florida has been home to Mantles Leadership Initiative and serves as the laboratory of ministry for the international matrix. KLI satellites blend their own local formal training with KLI to expand the offering and maturity of their kingdom leadership development.

KLI has no desire for accreditation with the governmental bodies that manage curriculum standards and campus cultures. These standards have no practical or kingdom measurement application to kingdom culture. However, the basic time in class and academic requirements are consistent with higher education even though we are not an accredited institution. KLI offers three diploma tracks: Bachelor, Master, and Doctor of Kingdom Leadership.

Diplomas reflect an accumulation of measurements of standing (MS).

Each diploma level reflects accumulation of at least 120 units. With multiple ways to earn and add MS to this completion process, the KLI student can make calling and ministry part of the lifestyle of a kingdom leader in ministry.

Course Registration

Students may register to attend or complete online courses from our curriculum. Students can attend approved conferences with time in session as a measurement for MS credit.

Each course includes a written leadership accountability report and additional reading credit in blocks of 500 pages with accompanying reading reports. Regional conferences usually sponsored by satellite location leaders and help all students meet requirements for live-in-class credits required for diploma level completion. A certain number of MS credits in each level must be completed in a live-in-class setting.

Ordination and Licensing

KLI answers to an apostolic Matrix of ministries, MinistryMatrix International, an apostolic council of elders, but the institute does not commission nor license students.

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