Freedom Ministry International



FreedomMinistry works with local churches and leaders, in city-wide seminars or local church Intensives. FreedomHouse is an apostolic resource center, a house of international intercession and worship, a leadership development matrix for the international and assignment of Ministry Matrix.

DEFINITION: Dr. Don blended the best of inner healing, deliverance, discipling and cleansing ministries into four levels of progressive spiritual experiences. Teaching personal, inside-out personal transformation which is a process of taking everything to the Cross and removing spiritual issues “at the root”. FreedomMinistry prepares new leaders, leaders who have experienced the power and authority of revolutionary revival, who can pray things to pass and shake cities, as well as leaders with international assignments.

BUILDING BLOCKS: Dr Don has incorporated principals of discipling into four levels of leadership preparation, basing everything upon intercession and worship. Through several spiritual experiences with strong leaders, ordinary Christians become ministering leaders themselves!

FreedomMinistry has experienced exponential growth in Brasil and the United States in the last three years. In the beginning, we touched hundreds but quickly expanded to impact thousands. Then tens of thousands. FreedomMinistry has reached out to hundreds of thousands since 2005 and we now pray that we will touch millions!


       The Power of the Cross
       The Power of the Spirit
       Serving Leaders 
       Leaders Who Disciple Leaders 

You can be all you were created to be and do all you were called to do. FreedomMinistry can help.